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I love my ovens. Truly I do.

But if I had to choose one thing that I am missing, it would be a 12 inch deep oven.

What about you?

I just saw an advertisement in the mailer for the Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days celebration.  There is a local company that makes custom cooking tables.  I'm going to check that out. 

I would love one of those propane charcoal lighters that eggman has.  That thing is da BOMB.

IFA Country Stores has a 12 inch deep camp chef dutch oven on sale for Fathers Day.  It's currently $39.99.

So there you go, Darren.  That's the one you wanted!

Aaaaugh! How do I choose between that, and the griddle for the propane stove?


We'll see what Kristi has in store for me...

I think I would like a Lodge 6 inch Dutch Oven. I don't have that one yet.


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