Author Topic: It's In the Sharing  (Read 8391 times)

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It's In the Sharing
« on: January 27, 2012, 02:06:47 pm »
I hate secret recipes.

I completely understand why a restaurant needs to keep its recipes secret.  I know that corporations keep some recipes and formulations under lock and key.  That doesn't bother me, because the entity that owns the recipe is relying on that recipe for their continued livelihood.  That makes absolute sense to me.

What I don't like is when someone offers you a home-baked cookie or they bring something delicious to a pot-luck dinner, and when you ask them for the recipe (because you like it so much), they tell you that it's a secret recipe and they don't give it out to anyone.  Usually it's a "family" recipe that their family just doesn't share.

That makes absolutely no sense to me at all.  The joy of cooking, for me, is in the sharing--being able to share the entire experience with someone else. 

I love it when I give someone something that I've cooked and I watch their reaction as they close their eyes to savor the flavor of my concoction.  I love the little sounds of enjoyment that escape, usually involuntarily, as they truly enjoy the bite in their mouth.

I love it even more when I can give the person the knowledge that they need to re-create the delicious bite and, in turn, share it with others.

That's another little piece of why I created the Dutch Oven Chef Forums.  So please, as you create and savor, please post your reactions and thoughts about the recipes on the site.

How do you feel about "secret recipes?"

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Re: It's In the Sharing
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2012, 02:50:38 pm »
Secret recipes?

No such thing, not to me.

I find that in general, the dutch oven crowd is kind of the open-source of the culinary community. Maybe it's just my experience, but that's what I have seen.

All the fun is in the sharing - the collaborative effort. I find that when someone gives me a recipe, I usually can't leave it alone anyway. I usually do it once as is, and then find tweaks/changes that make it different.

Note that I didn't say better - if the guy with the recipe didn't like it, he'd probably have improved it himself. But since taste is all subjective anyway, I do what makes sense for me.

In the end, I go back to the first two rules of Dutch Oven Cooking anyway, so it's all good.
There are two rules of Dutch Oven Cooking:
1) If you cook too much food, share.
2) Cook too much food.