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Traveling with Dutch Ovens


Do you think that airlines would allow a 14-inch pot in a carry on bag?  ;)

Yes, I'm kidding.

However, what's the farthest from home you've taken your Dutch ovens and cooked?

I haven't gone far, except for once. I live in Utah, and I took two pots up to Vancouver Island (to visit in-laws). I cooked two lasagnas for them.

They talk about it to this day.

And yes, actually, I think a 14 inch pot in a carry-on would be allowed, as long as they don't realize how heavy it is...hehehe...

I took my ovens to Lake Powell.  They traveled a ways on a boat in the water before we got to our camp site.

It was nice to have them.  My tent stakes were left at home.  An oven in each corner of the tent held it down very well!

I'm taking my ovens up to Bear Lake very soon.

I made a pot of dutch oven lasagna at Bear Lake last week.  One of my nephews must have eaten half of it!

Good grief! I forgot to post that a couple of years ago, I took a dutch oven on a multi-day canoe trip down the Green River in Utah. We were who-knows-how-far from civilization, and yet we were feasting like kings. A hearty meal from a black pot tastes better and better the farther you get from the daily rat race.


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