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Two interesting cast iron links.


Hey everyone...

I saw a couple of different articles around the interwebs today, and thought I'd share.

First - an article from the Art of Manliness about cooking with cast iron. It's not necessarily about dutch ovens, but it's an interesting read. I may disagree with some of the seasoning directions - especially how after stripping the cast iron the directions only suggest one coat:


Second, an article about the best oil for seasoning cast iron. I'm mulling it over, but there may be something to this.



Hmmm...  Food for thought.  How about a little more food?


This person said that he tried Sheryl's flax seed oil seasoning and didn't find an advantage to using flax seed oil.  It simply worked as well as other oils, and since it's much more expensive than other oils he didn't find it advantageous over other oils.

In my opinion, if it works for you, there's really not much reason to change to something else, right?  I love the seasonings on all of my dutch ovens right now, and they were all maintained/improved over time with plain old el-cheapo vegetable oil.

One more thing, Darren...

Do you think Grandpa ever used flax seed oil?  ;D

Wouldn't be surprised if he had used saddle oil.

In reality, it was probably bacon grease.


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